Bang Bang Bodhisattva (Hardcover)

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Bang Bang Bodhisattva (Hardcover)


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An edgy, queer cyberpunk detective mystery by an exciting new trans voice from New Zealand.

This punk ain’t feelin’ lucky.

It’s 2032 and we live in the worst cyberpunk future. Kiera is gigging her ass off to keep the lights on, but her polycule’s social score is so dismal they’re about to lose their crib. That’s why she’s out here chasing cheaters with Angel Herrera, a luddite P.I. who thinks this is The Big Sleep. Then the latest job cuts too deep—hired to locate Herrera’s ex-best friend (who’s also Kiera’s pro bono attorney), they find him murdered instead. Their only lead: a stick of Nag Champa incense dropped at the scene.

Next thing Kiera knows, her new crush turns up missing—sans a hand (the real one, not the cybernetic), and there’s the familiar stink of sandalwood across the apartment. Two crimes, two sticks of incense, Kiera framed for both. She told Herrera to lose her number, but now the old man might be her only way out of this bullshit...

A fast-talker with a heart of gold, Bang Bang Bodhisattva is both an odd-couple buddy comedy that never knows when to shut up and an exploration of finding yourself and your people in an ever-mutable world.
Aubrey Wood was born in California to a mixed-race couple and spent much of her childhood jumping back and forth between there and New Zealand until finally being trapped in a rural New Zealand hamlet at the age of 10. She has since spent most of her life in Auckland and on the internet. As a child Aubrey made picture books, as a teenager she furiously churned out fanfiction, and started trying to write professionally in 2011 after a brief and unsuccessful bid to become Trent Reznor. Bang Bang Bodhisattva is her debut novel.

Product Details ISBN: 9781786187017
ISBN-10: 1786187019
Publisher: Solaris
Publication Date: May 9th, 2023
Language: English
"The antidote to sci fi as usual: Simultaneously gritty and shiny neon new, realist but not nihilist, unabashedly queer and endlessly inventive." -- Bitter Karella (The Midnight Society)

“Fresh, exciting cyberpunk” -- Publishers Weekly

“A crafty, intoxicating romp.” -- Maya Deane, author of Wrath Goddess Sing

“Wood melds genres with ease—noir and cyberpunk, mystery and sf—in a wickedly funny and heart-wrenching, dystopian thrill ride. Bang Bang Bodhisattva will knock readers off kilter in the best way possible.” -- Booklist

“Packed with one liners and crassly loveable characters Bang Bang Bodhisattva is the perfect melting pot for genre lovers in need of a relevant and modern spin on futuristic crime thrillers.” -- SciFiNow